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Oral IV is a revolutionary hydration supplement that utilizes electromagnetic vortexes and trace minerals to aid in hydration. Ready to step up your performance? Click here to learn how ORAL I.V. can be your #gamechanger


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ORAL IV is a revolutionary supplement to existing hydration methods. Top athletes recommend taking ORAL IV as hydration support along with water as a supplement to aid in daily activities that can contribute to dehydration. Click to learn more and become a #gamechanger.Oral IV FAQ

Oral I.V.
  • Natural Ingredients
  • No sugars or stimulants
  • Aids existing methods of hydration
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Enhances peak performance*
  • Improved focus and concentration*
  • Shorter recovery times*
  • Increased endurance*

* Based on reports from actual ORAL I.V. consumers. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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The Product

Are you committed to peak performance? ORAL I.V. is a game changer and we challenge you to put it to the test.

As a hydration aid, ORAL I.V. can be used for any application where physical exertion or the possibility of dehydration exists. This ranges from sports and fitness to on-the-job use in the military, law enforcement and first responder communities. ORAL I.V. is based on a proprietary, all-natural formula of crystalloid electrolytes and trace minerals. There are no sugars, stimulants or artificial ingredients of any kind. ORAL I.V. is designed to optimize the body’s hydration process and supplement existing hydration strategies.

ORAL I.V. is produced to the highest standards of quality under rigorous manufacturing controls and is manufactured in a facility that follows current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirements according to ISO 9001 Standards.

ORAL I.V. has been certified by INFORMED-CHOICE/INFORMED-SPORT, a quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry and supplement manufacturing facilities.



ORAL I.V. is intended to assist an individual’s existing hydration strategy. To experience the intended benefits, we recommend taking ORAL I.V. with water prior to or during activities of physical exertion that can contribute to dehydration, such as fitness, exercise or sports. Depending on your level of activity and personal fitness, it is recommended to take one vial of ORAL I.V. with water for every 4 to 6 hours of strenuous activity.

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  • “As an Elite Obstacle Racer I put my body to the test on every course. That means training twice as hard during the week. Oral IV not only gets me through race day but means I train longer and harder than I would without it. No doubt Oral IV is my game changer!” Find the Oral IV Instagram here: Oral IV Instagram


    - Sarah Pozdol

  • oralivnation-pera 2“I’ve been hooked on CrossFit for over four years now. It is one of the toughest yet most rewarding sports in the world. I’m preparing to compete in the 2014 CrossFit Open right now, and my training regimen is absolutely grueling. I drink a ton of water to stay hydrated, and adding ORAL IV to my hydration routine has really maximized my work capacity. I also use ORAL IV between workouts because it helps me to recover very quickly, so I can accomplish more and work out longer than I’ve ever been able to before.” Find the Oral IV Youtube channel here: Oral IV Youtube

    -Jon Pera, Crossfit Athlete

  • phil“As an MMA fighter, you have to train as you fight. I used ORAL IV during some grueling training sessions, and it was the best I’ve ever felt. I was able to train longer, harder and stay focused. Using ORAL I.V. after my workouts also shortened my rest and recovery times. MMA is as much about cognitive thinking as it is about physical conditioning. ORAL IV helps me with both – this is a product that any MMA fighter should not go without!” Find the Oral IV Instagram here: Oral IV Instagram


    -Phil Baroni, MMA Fighter

  • During both the 2012 and 2013 competitions (Best Ranger), Warrior Wound Care provided an individual aid kit featuring ORAL IV hydration formula to each competitor, as well as ORAL IV packages for the medical staff and support cadre. The 2012 event was the first time that there were no reported heat or dehydration injuries or illness. In the 2013 Best Ranger Competition for the second year employing ORAL IV, the competitors suffered no dehydration or heat-related injuries during this most grueling and physically exhaustive event, open only to the most prepared and elite soldiers of the U.S. Armed Forces.” Find the Oral IV Twitter Here: Oral IV Twitter

    Major Nathan M. Setka
    Brigade Surgeon
    Ranger Training Brigade, Dept. of the Army

  • “Regardless of how sophisticated the warrior’s equipment gets, at the end of the day, survival on the battlefield boils down to the most basic needs, and the most basic of these needs is hydration. Whether your fight is on the battlefield, the race track, in the gym, or at the dojo, ORAL IV is the simple choice.” Find the Oral IV Facebook Here: Oral IV Facebook

    Craig “Sawman” Sawyer
    Former U.S. Navy SEAL, SEAL Team Six
    Star of History Channel’s Top Shot and Sniper: Deadliest Missions
    Star of Animal Planet’s Battleground: Rhino Wars

  • “After playing 12 years in the NFL, there weren’t too many hydration techniques I hadn’t tried. Keeping the mind and body in complete sync with the proper hydration is the only way to stay at the top of your game. ORAL IV is the most efficient way to maximize this constant battle. Thanks for changing my life and keeping me in the game.”

    Lonie Paxton
    Three-Time Super Bowl Champion, New England Patriots

  • “I’m a martial arts instructor and used ORAL IV as a training aid when I was competing in the tournament circuit. I found that it not only hydrated me faster but it really, really focused me. I have a very physical job for 10-12 hours each day, then I train for 5 hours in the evening. When I took ORAL IV, it got rid of that mental fatigue and physically I could go a lot further. Being able to focus on training at the end of a long workday was invaluable. I’ve tried energy drinks but they made me jittery so I didn’t care for them, and water isn’t always enough to replace the electrolytes and minerals that you sweat out. With ORAL IV, I was able to train longer and with more focus. I was the oldest competitor by 20 years when I took the title, and there’s no way I would have done it without ORAL IV” Find the Oral IV Pinterest Here: Oral IV Pinterest

    Greg Nunez
    2012 World Champion, Che Sao Kung Fu
    International Chinese Martial Arts Association

  • As an Ironman triathlete I am constantly working on gaining an advantage by dialing in my nutrition and hydration strategies during training and competition. Three months ago I started using ORAL IV It has increased my performance and reduced fatigue that normally sets in from hot weather training and racing.  Thanks ORAL IV for delivering an awesome product!!

    Charles Hobbs

  • “I am currently assigned to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office SWAT division and am the sniper instructor for the division. Being one of the largest counties in the country usually brings numerous companies to us, asking for feedback and test and evaluation on their products and equipment. However, our office and specifically our SWAT team have never found such a useful and effective product as ORAL IV

    ORAL IV was introduced to us about two years ago and has been used on numerous occasions. Working and living in the desert is hard enough as it is, but doing all that for extended hours on missions, in training, or conducting schools for other agencies, makes it that much harder. ORAL IV has allowed our team to stay on task despite extreme temperatures and extended hours in the heat. It immediately hydrates and allows us to proceed with the mission at hand. We have been so impressed with the product, that at every SWAT school or sniper school we put on, we are sure to hand out samples so the other “boots on the ground” can also complete their mission of saving lives. When other teams and officers are having a hard time maintaining hydration or focus, we no longer worry about that because it has become common practice to take ORAL IV before a mission or a training day. As ORAL IV might be a new product to most, for our team, it is a necessity.”

    Deputy Mike Puente
    Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
    Tactical Operations Unit
    Sniper Instructor

  • “So lately some have wondered how I have been able to sustain this crazy schedule of mine…..this is how.  Thank you ORAL IV for keeping me alive!!!”

    Vicci Martinez
    Pop Singer and Top 3 Finalist, NBC’s The Voice

  • “ORAL IV is an outstanding solution for rapid hydration and enhanced recovery.  This product provides extreme results when they are most needed…I highly recommend that if you are operating in austere environments, conditions, or situations and the possibility of dehydration or extensive exertion exists, you add this to your kit!”

    Butch Whiting
    Kryptek Outdoor Group

  • “I am a combat-wounded explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technician and full- time user of two prosthetic knees. In the process of becoming proficient with my new legs, I would frequently work myself to the point of dehydration and general fatigue. The unfortunate side effect of all that effort is the frequent plague of phantom pain. The best way to relate this pain to people is that it feels as if someone is repeatedly tapping my feet with a Taser. Previously my only resolution was to drink a gallon of water and wait an hour for it to absorb. Warrior Wound Care introduced me to ORAL IV in 2012 and quickly found that it resolved my phantom pain in approximately 20 minutes. The amount of pain and anguish that ORAL IV has resolved cannot be measured, and I would absolutely endorse and encourage the use of ORAL IV”

    David Lyon
    EOD Technician, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.)
    President, Forward Solutions LLC

  • “I’ve used ORAL IV with great success. As a bilateral amputee I run hot all the time. Not only do I have less skin surface area to keep me cool, but I also have to wear carbon fiber covering what area I do have left and it creates a domino effect on the body’s ability to cool itself. So staying hydrated is crucial for me in my day to day. Having something as simple as ORAL IV is a huge benefit. Not to mention how supportive the company is to veterans, I always love using a military-friendly company’s products.”

    Collin Raaz
    Rogue Precision

  • “As a CrossFit athlete, hydration plays a vital role in my performance, from daily workouts and training all the way through to competition. ORAL IV has been an amazing addition to my hydration strategy, contributing to the aspects that are most important to committed athletes – performance, focus, endurance and recovery. ORAL IV has been a definite game changer, enabling me to train harder and go further when it really counts.”

    Nathan Lauritzen
    Owner, CrossFit Foothill
    Four-Time Competitor, Southern California CrossFit Regionals

  • “As an MMA fighter, you have to train as you fight. I used ORAL IV during some grueling training sessions, and it was the best I’ve ever felt. I was able to train longer, harder and stay focused. Using ORAL IV after my workouts also shortened my rest and recovery times. MMA is as much about cognitive thinking as it is about physical conditioning. ORAL IV helps me with both – this is a product that any MMA fighter should not go without!”

    Phil Baroni
    MMA Fighter

  • “On our OEF deployment in the summer of 2013, our platoon was blessed with ORAL IV  On patrol in 120 degree heat, everything is pushing down on us and ORAL IV was there to get us back up.”

    Members of U.S Marines, 3rd Battalion 4th Marines Kilo Company 1st Platoon

  • “As the Afghan sun beams down on us throughout the hottest parts of the day, I have found no other form of replenishment like ORAL IV that gives us that extra push to accomplish the mission at hand.”

    U.S Marine LCPL Solache
    3rd Battalion 4th Marines Kilo Company 1st Platoon

  • I just finished the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Super, and with 8 miles of hills it was brutal. A lot of people were cramping out there and I can tell you honestly that if it weren’t for ORAL IV, I’d never have gotten through this course and earned my trifecta badge. ORAL IV’s been a constant with me in every race but today it earned its money. It’s a game changer and I’m a believer.”

    Jeff Farmer
    Competitor, Spartan Race


  • At ORAL I.V., we are driven by a passion to help people perform at their highest levels. Hydration is one of the fundamental drivers of human performance. Without proper water metabolism and function, dehydration and its associated adverse effects can occur. ORAL I.V. aids the hydration process for individuals who train hard, work hard and are committed to peak performance.

  • After its development, ORAL I.V. was first made available to those who could truly put it to the test – members of the U.S. military and law enforcement communities. Since 2010, ORAL I.V. has been used by some of the world’s most elite fighting forces, whose standards for physical and mental performance are second to none. With our broad market release, the power of ORAL I.V. is now available to anyone who wants to perform optimally in life – whether on the field, at work or at play.