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activate your hydration

Make your water work as hard as you do

You’ve clocked up enough travel miles to fly 10 of your friends around the world. You know a thing or two about deadlines. And a “working lunch” seems to be the only kind you have these days. It’s no surprise that hydration isn’t the first thing on your mind! That’s where we come in. By adding ORAL I.V. to your water you can stay hydrated longer and make the water you do drink work harder. And you might just find it handy to help rehydrate after that working lunch turns into a working dinner which turns into a… Well, you get the picture.
whats in oral iv?


Benefits from using ORAL I.V.


+ Helps fight jet lag

+ Battles dehydration

+ Fits easily in your pocket, laptop bag, or purse

+ Bounce back after a long day or night

+ Aids in rapid hydration

+ No stimulants, no sugars, no crash

So lately some have wondered how I have been able to sustain this crazy schedule of mine…..this is how. Thank you ORAL I.V. for keeping me alive!!!.

Vicci Martinez, Vicci Martinez, Pop Singer and Top 3 Finalist, NBC’s The Voice

whats in oral iv?


Maintain hydration on and off the clock.


Bounce back from the long nights, long work days and long flights quicker. ORAL I.V. makes your water work better, to help you rehydrate quicker. Proper hydration is a must when you are on the move, or in a job that requires physical exertion. Dehydration causes headaches, fatigue, lack of focus, dizziness and can lead to muscle cramping. All of this can result in low productivity and performance. The best way to combat this is to keep ORAL I.V. in your back-pocket and drink plenty of water.

Remain focused and on top of your game, so you can perform on and off the job.

activate your hydration

Play hard. And bounce back.

We’ve all been there. A little too much of everything, and no time to wallow in the aftermath. Dehydration combined with lack of sleep amounts to bad news. Don’t make it worse with energy or sugary drinks. Take ORAL I.V. before, during, and after the fun. It slips right into your purse or pocket. And try to drink your water … it will only help ORAL I.V. to help you.



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