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Oral IV announces Pro-Team addition TyAnn Clark

Posted on August 17 2014

Oral IV signs Spartan Pro Athlete TyAnn Clark  

Obstacle racing athletes are putting their bodies on the line every time they race. Each time they compete they throw themselves into the elements and are pushing themselves to the limit. Their training is intense and their bodies are finely tuned machines designed to tackle the fiercest of terrain, and toughest of obstacles. Spartan Pro Athlete TyAnn Clark is one of the fiercest, toughest athletes out there on the obstacle racing circuit today and we are proud to announce her signing as an Oral IV Pro-Team member.   Currently ranked third in the womens Elite division of the Reebok Spartan Race point standings, TyAnn is no stranger to the rigors of racing. A Spartan Pro-Team member since 2013 TyAnn has been a competitive force on the circuit earning over 10 podium finishes as an athlete. Her training regimen is tough and requires a lot of her, not to mention the heat of battle she experiences when tackling Spartan courses all year long. As such the importance of proper nutrition, training, and hydration are high on TyAnn’s list. It only made sense that Oral IV and TyAnn team together in order to help keep this high intensity athlete hydrated on the course and off.   TyAnn’s most recent second place finish at the Boston Reebok Spartan Sprint saw her standing tall upon the podium despite being sick during the days leading up to the race. Her training though, competitor spirit, and use of proper hydration methods, including Oral IV, meant that TyAnn was able to keep her engine running and her pace quick as she blazed across the Amesbury MA race.

 TyAnn Clark Boston Reebok Spartan Sprint[/caption] Join us in congratulating TyAnn and welcoming her to the Oral IV family. We arte excited to have yet another high caliber athlete in our family and look forward to supporting her as she continues to dominate courses in the future.   Check out Oral IV now and find out what we mean when we say…   Oral IV #gamechanger

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