Ten Tips for Sticking to Your Workout Routine

Boredom is one of the easiest ways to break you out of your workout routine. It's also easy to fix.

If you find it difficult to stick to a workout routine for long, you’re not alone. For many people, the challenge of keeping to a regular workout schedule isn’t necessarily the effort that is required, but the boredom that often comes with time. This might occur after just a few weeks of doing the same workout, or it can happen once you’ve started to see results, leading to lost momentum. Either way, it’s a common issue that has a few solutions if you’re interested in learning how to stick to your workout routine on a more consistent basis. Check out these 10 tips to get started.

1. Take a Workout Class

One of the best ways to mix up your workout routine is to take a fun class. You can find a few at your local gym or community center, ranging from yoga and Pilates to Zumba and kickboxing. Pick one that sounds interesting, and give it a try at least once! In fact, you might want to try a few different classes, especially if you tend to get bored with the same workout. Most classes meet once a week or more, so this way you have a reason to work out regularly. If you’ve never taken a class and you’re nervous, don’t worry! There are lots of beginner classes that are filled with other people who are doing it for the first time, just like you. You might even make new friends you can look forward to seeing at your class…making you more likely to go!

2. Get a Workout Partner

If you do happen to make some new friends in your workout class, consider finding out if they want to meet outside the class to exercise with you. It may be easy to blow off your alarm clock reminding you of that early morning workout, but it’s harder to blow off a friend after you already committed to working out with him or her. Plus, your workout will be more fun when you can talk to someone during it, and studies show people exercise longer when they have a workout partner with them.

3. Move Your Exercise Routine Outdoors

If you typically run on the treadmill at home, or do yoga in your bedroom, it’s time to switch up your view by getting outside to work out. You’ll feel more inspired when you have a view of Mother Nature rather than the TV screen or your bedroom wall. And your lungs will appreciate some fresh air during your workout!

4. Find a Gym You Love

If you rarely make it to your current gym, maybe it’s because it’s not the right gym for you. Who could blame you for not going to the gym when the workout machines are always broken or there’s constantly a line to use them? Or when there’s never enough space in front of the mirror to watch your form as you lift weights? Look for a gym that is clean, well maintained, close to your home or work and features the machines and classes you want. Once you find the one you actually want to spend time at, you should be able to get there more often.

5. Sign Up for a Run

Need more motivation to get out there and run? Commit to a long race that you have to train for! Whether it’s a mud run, a 5K or some sort of exercise challenge to raise money for charity, having that deadline in mind will motivate you to keep training so you don’t fail on the big day.

6. Buy New Workout Gear

If you’ve ever bought brand new running shoes or shorts, you’ve probably experienced that excitement to go use your new gear right away. You can give yourself that same sense of enthusiasm on a regular basis by buying new gear every couple months.

7. Tell Yourself You’re Going to Work Out for 10 Minutes

On the days when you’re just not in a workout mood, try to commit to just 10 minutes instead of the usual half hour or more. Why 10 minutes? It’s not as intimidating as 30+ minutes, so you’re more likely to do it. And in many cases, once you start working out, you keep going! So at least once in a while, that 10-minute workout might turn into 20, 30 or 40 minutes. And even when it doesn’t, 10 minutes is still better than zero minutes.

8. Find a Local Sports Team for Adults

If you were into sports as a kid, you remember that working out was never a chore. It felt like a treat. If you want to feel that way again, look for a local team for adults to join. Many cities have teams that play softball, kickball, basketball and more.

9. Create a Great Workout Playlist

There’s nothing like some great music to get you moving. But it’s not always easy to find it in the middle of a jog. So curate a playlist full of your favorite motivating tunes before your next workout. And be sure to update your playlist once in a while to keep it fresh. If it gets predictable, you might end up back at square one, bored and ready to quit your exercise routine.

10. Find an Interesting Podcast or Audiobook

You’re not limited to listening to music during your workout. You can also learn something new, listen to a great story or just laugh a lot while you exercise…all thanks to the thousands of podcasts and audiobooks you can download on your smartphone. Find a few that really interest you, and your next jog will feel like it’s going by super fast.

If you feel like you’ve lost your motivation to keep working out, try out these tips to get back in the swing of things. Just don’t forget to stay hydrated as you make exercising a regular part of your routine!

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